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Crewing Special - Episode 31

September 17, 2020

This episode is all about Crews. We talk about how to select crew members, what the runner should provide for the crew and what the crew should know and do. Here are my notes form the episode.

Participant Guide or:  
  Aid Station List w/ Crew Accessible Spots
  Dropped Pins for Aid Station Locations
How much powder to mix with water in your bottles or bladder  
Share nutrition plan - basic idea of what you want  
Reminder to grab your trash when you come in  
Assignment - captain, driver, resupplier, etc  
Supply list of what you'll be packing & supplying the crew  
Medical Kit:  
  Vaseline/A & D Ointment
  Antibiotic Ointment
  Bandaids of various sizes
  needle/safety pin
  matches to sterilize the needle
  rock tape
  athletic tape
  duct tape
  Ace Bandanges (2)
  Ice Packs (3)
Crew/Pacer Phone numbers & emails  
Gas Gift Card  
All your spare gear/shoes  
For Crews  
  Dropped pins
  # of cars allowed
  # of people allowed at aid station
  Is there a "zone" in which you must crew
  Understand nutrition/hydration plan
  Understand role
  Scout food/gas along the way
  Sleep plan?
  Dropping off and picking up pacers
  Have a plan for organization of the car(s)
Be flexible  
Stick to your role  
If someone is not doing their job, make the Crew Chief aware  
Don't let the runner see any negativity amongst the crew  
Ask up front from the runner at what point is it ok to drop and hold them to that  
Tough love is ok!  
Observe the runner coming in  
  How much trash (eating)?
  How much fluid refill (drinking)?
  Sleepy? Cafeine
  Meal time? Extra Calories
  Wet shoes? 
  Weather Change
  Extra Batteries for lamp(s)
Deciding on Crew members  
  Ok w/ family or distaction (worry about them)
  pacer and crew member. Replacable when pacing?
  This is an intimate experience. Who do you want to share it with?

Ok with being in the woods, darkness, with the others you have chosen

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