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Episode 11 - Physical Therapist Miriam Salloum of The Runners Mechanic Physical Therapy Clinic

April 30, 2020

These week I welcome my personal Physical Therapist Miriam Salloum of The Runners Mechanic to the Podcast! We talk about Physical Therapy, Injury Prevention, Tools & Tricks of the trade, and so much more.

I also have to special surprise guests in the intro...ENJOY!!!


One correction, Miriam mentioned Will Flemmings Instagram Post, it was actually Physical Therapist Mike James of "the Endurance Physio".


Miriam can be reached by email - & through her website -


We mention Jay Dicharry multiple times. His book "Running Rewired" & MOBO Board can be found at his websites:

Dicharry's Website -

Book -

MOBO Board -


Miriam's other suggested book is 80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald. It can be found at


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