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Running by Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) The Why & How - Episode 62

April 22, 2021

Join me for my thoughts on running by perceived exertion. How do I define each effort, what these efforts should feel like, workouts in these different efforts, & reasons for using RPE.


Example of an In & Out Workout for Marathoners:

15-20 minute warmup jog (4-5 RPE)

4 x :20 flat strides @ 9 RPE 1:10 jog recovery @ 4 RPE

5 x 1/2 mile @ 7-8 RPE straight into 3/4 Mile @ 6-7 RPE (repeat)

10-15 minute cool down

7-8 would be 1/2 Marathon Goal Pace

6-7 would be goal marathon pace


RPE Scale:

1-2 Easy walking

3 Power/Brisk Walking

4 Recovery/Easy Jog

5-6 Conversational Pace Running

7-8 Tempo/Lactate Threshold

9 5k Race Pace

10 All Out


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