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Understanding the Achilles Tendon with Physical Therapist Miriam Salloum - Episode 29

September 3, 2020

Here is another episode with Physical Therapist Miriam Salloum. In this episode we talk about the Achilles Tendon, what can go wrong, how to prevent it from going wrong, and how to resolve things when they do go wrong.


Miriam was in Episode 17 talking about the Plantar Fascia. 

Listen here:


Irene Davis Minimalist Transition Protocol -


Books we mentioned:

  • Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry
  • Running Strong by Dr Jordan Metzl

MOBO board by Jay Dicharry for lower extremity strength and mobility -

CEP Achilles Brace -

If you have questions for Miriam, she can be reached through her website OR through her Facebook Page


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